• Identifying treatment assignments of each individual from a mixture of unknown interventions
    Joint with Abhinav Kumar
    Filing under process with USPTO

  • Jointly predicting multiple individual level labels from aggregated label proportions
    Joint with Isha Chaudhary, Rashul Chutani, Shaurya Goel, Simarpreet Singh Saluja and Vibhor Porwal
    Filing under process with USPTO

  • Treatment Effect Estimation using Observational and Interventional samples
    Joint with Aurghya Maiti
    USPTO App. No. 17/520,403

  • Causal Multi-Touch Attribution
    Joint with Aniket Agrawal and Nikhil Sheoran
    USPTO App. No. 17/452,519

  • Systems for Estimating Terminal Event Likelihood
    Joint with Vibhor Porwal, Ayush Chauhan, Aurghya Maiti and Ruchi Pandya
    USPTO Ap.. No. 17/402,788

  • Automated Discovery of Causal Relationships in Mixed Datasets
    Joint with Ayush Chauhan, Siddharth Jain, Aayush Makharia, Vineet Malik and Sourav Suman
    USPTO App. No. 17/097,508

  • Generating Visualizations of Analytical Causal Graphs
    Joint with Fan Du, Xiao Xie, Shiv Kumar Saini and Ayush Chauhan
    USPTO App. No. 17/083,702

  • Systems for Predicting a Terminal Event
    Joint with Amit Doda, Kai Yeung Lau, Akangsha Sunil Bedmutha, Shiv Kumar Saini, Ritwik Sinha, Vaidyanathan Venkatraman, Niranjan Shivanand Kumbi, Omar Rahman and Atanu R Sinha
    Pub No. US 2021/0342649 A1