Gaurav Sinha

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Microsoft Research
E-mail: sinhagaur88 AT gmail(dot)com

About Me

I am a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, working in the areas of Reinforcement Learning, Causal Inference and Theory. I received my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology in 2016, where I was advised by Prof. Eric Rains and my Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in 2011.

Research Interests

  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Causal Inference and Discovery

  • Information Retrieval

  • Theoretical Computer Science

Selected Papers (View all)

  • Learning good interventions in causal graphs via covering
    Joint with Ayush Sawarni, Rahul Madhavan and Siddharth Barman
    UAI 2023, PMLR

  • Combinatorial categorized bandits with expert rankings
    Joint with Sayak Ray Chowdhury, Nagarajan Natarajan and Amit Sharma
    UAI 2023, PMLR

  • Efficient Convex Exploration for Minimizing Simple Regret in Layered Causal MDPs
    Joint with Rahul Madhavan, Aurghya Maiti and Siddharth Barman
    ArXiv, Submitted

  • A Causal Bandit Approach to Learning Good Atomic Interventions in Presence of Unobserved Confounders
    Joint with Aurghya Maiti and Vineet Nair
    UAI 2022, ArXiv

  • Almost Optimal Universal Lower Bound for Learning Causal DAGs with Atomic Interventions
    Joint with Vibhor Porwal and Piyush Srivastava
    AISTATS 2022 (Oral), ArXiv

Professional Service

  • Reviewer: NeurIPS 2023, AISTATS 2023, KDD 2023, ICML 2022, AISTATS 2022, CODS-COMAD 2022, STOC 2021, AISTATS 2021

  • PC Member: CODS-COMAD 2022

  • Online Chair: CLeaR 2024